On-Site Commercial Worm Digesters

Waste Away Worm digester wooden worm digester Worms on Wheels Tat G worm digester Tat G twin worm digester

Would you like your business to be more “environmentally responsible” and recycle your organic waste on-site? Using worms, organic waste can be transformed into soil friendly plant nutrient. Benefits to the environment are : great reductions in the level of methane gas and carbon dioxide (compared to landfill) and reductions in waste removal costs. Schools and homes are becoming involved nationwide and now the technology and service is here for easy on- site organic waste recycling for businesses. Businesses are advised to undertake a waste audit of their organic waste and Organic Waste Solutions (WORMSRUS) can provide a consultancy assessment on the volume and waste types identified for recycling.

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Recommendations for suitable systems to suit your needs will be advised upon the waste audit results. Here is our range of commercial worm digesters that are available in New Zealand. Our digesters are capable of digesting medium to large volumes of organic waste on a daily basis.  The systems function by the continuous flow of organic material placed in the top, with the worm castings and liquid fertiliser being easily removed from the bottom.

Waste Away Digester

Mercury Energy Waste Away Digester

This Waste Away Digester was donated to Ellerslie School by Mercury Energy.
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Waste Away Digester
This Waste Away Digester is operating in Vision Waitakere Gardens Village.
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Three sizes available; 1x1 metre approx 40 litres per week 1x1.5 metre approx 55 litres per week 1x2 metre approx 70 litres per week
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Worms on Wheels

Worms on Wheels Worms on Wheels
This Worms-on-Wheels was donated to Ruakaka School by The New Zealand Refinery Ltd.

One size approx; 1x1 metre approx 40 litres per week.

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Tat-G On Site Organic Digester
The Tat-G On-Site Digester is a worm driven organic waste recovery system manufactured in Australia by Tat-G Corp Pty and solely distributed in New Zealand by Organic Waste Solutions Ltd ( WORMSRUS).
The Tat-G design objectives are to eliminate waste removal from site and shift from a waste focus to a resource focus producing a quality value added product.

Tat-G On Site Organic Digester Tat-G On Site Organic Digester

The On-Site Digester differs from traditional vermiculture methods by using the latest technology that includes a compact design within a high surface working area.  The Tat-G On-Site Digester’s 3-dimensional concept has a small footprint whilst providing a large surface area with multiple cells, enhancing the oxygenation of material.  The external panels allow easy access for inspection and maintenance.  The worm castings are automatically collected in trays.  The liquid fertiliser is easily pumped for collection as a concentrate then diluted as a valuable natural plant nutrient.

The digester operates by solar power or reduced mains power. A battery provides two weeks of back up power.  The power operates a quality submersible pump for the liquid reticulation system that is controlled by an electronic timer. This is adjustable for seasonal conditions.

The manufacturer has recently incorporated the above technology to increase the product range and now produces a single, plus modular unit and an industrial modular system.  All systems are made to be durable, odour friendly and are backed by a 24-month warranty on structural components and workmanship with 12 months warranty on electrical and plumbing system components.

Tat GThe Tat-G On-Site Digester in action:
This is an attractive system that can be located to be seen. This can demonstrate a positive sense of taking responsibility for the environment.

Single system
New design
Foot print : 2 x 3 metres (excludes steps)
Processes approx 350 kgs per week.

Organic waste - garden clippings, kitchen scraps, packaging materials & serviettes. 
Preparation of waste: The organic material ideally should be shredded and mixed with corrugated cardboard for the best performance.Tat G moular system


Modular system
New design
Foot print 2 x 6 metres (excludes steps)
Processes approx 700 kgs per week.


Tat G North Shore City CouncilNorth Shore City Council

Location: Organic Gardens Resource Trust Organic waste: Cafeteria waste, hand towels, cardboard, green waste.
Outcomes: Used in gardens.

Tat G Auckland ZooAuckland Zoo
Tandem unit
Location: ZooDoo Organic Recovery Site
Organic waste: Café waste, food preparation waste, hand towels, cardboard.
Outcomes: Castings used in gardens. Worm liquid is bottled and sold as a ZooDoo product.

Tat G Manakau Instutute of TechnologyManukau Institue of Technology
Location: Central to horticultural training centre.
Organic waste: Cafeteria waste, hand towels &
green waste.
Outcomes: Worm bi-products trailed & used in gardens.

Tat G Dairy FarmDairy Farm
Application: Dairy farm  (Australia)
Organic waste: Processing 125kgs of cow manure per day.  
Outcomes: Castings used on pasture for soil improvement.  Reduced labour input over traditional method.
Optional adaptations: Tractor operated self-tipping, castings collection tray (less handling required method).

Tat G Industrial system

Tat G Industrial

Tat G Modular Sysytem

Tat G modular System

New design
Foot print : 3 x 3 metres (excludes steps)
Processes approx 800kgs per week.
Foot print: 3 x 6 metres (excludes steps)
Modular unit processes approx 1600kgs per week

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