Recycled Worm Bins

Wooden Worm Composter Operation Details:


This bin is designed to cater for 40+% paper products, ie hand towels, lunch paper, shredded cardboard. Other materials ie  60%  food waste, mulched garden prunings pre composted grass clippings, tea bags, coffee grinds and even animal manure.  
Rotate the feeding sites.
The contents must always remain moist but free draining. Turn the top 30cms with a garden fork once a month adding 4 cups of garden lime per metre and water thoroughly.
  A fine layer of untreated wood shavings and or washed underlay will deter fruit fly and allow worms to work in darkness. 
When the bin has reached at least three quarters full, the worm castings are able to be removed (minimum 9 months from commencement). 
This is done by dismantling the top half of the bin, removing the top layer of material onto a cover, emptying the worm castings then replacing the top layer back into the bin. Break up any lumpy material.
Remember always to keep the top half layer of material as this contains uneaten material and the majority of worms. The removed worm castings needs to be stored in a cool covered area. 
Raised corrugated iron may be placed under the wire mesh floor slopping for liquid catchment.

Worm castings:
Worm castings can be used around the drip zone approx. 2 - 5 litres per sq. metre, fork in and water, adding a 5+ cm layer of compost or mulch under plant area will achieve excellent results, or mixed in with potting mixes. (1part castings to 4-6 parts soil mix).  
Screening the castings through a 10-13mm sieve will remove inorganic waste and/or larger organic material  which can be returned to the bin for further composting.

Liquid Castings Recipe:
The worm castings are to be removed from worm farm.
Remove any inorganic material i.e plastic etc.
Use approx 50+ litre container (drum) for mixing
Add 15 – 20 litres volume of worm castings to mixing container
(mixing ratio 1 part worm castings to 3 parts water)
Stir well for at least 2-3 minutes
Strain mixture through a soil sieve i.e (5mm diameter)
Stir strained mixture and bottle (2 litre milk bottles are ideal).

Label Details:
Contents name also known as worm tea, liquid castings etc.
Shake contents well
Mix 1 part contents to 5-10 parts water 
2 litres can make up to 20 litres.
Pour around plant root zone. 
1/2 cup ideal around each vege plant
Or  2 litres per metre in the garden (apply fortnightly}.
Store contents away from direct sunlight .
Shelf life 3 months.