Organagro - 100% Natural Worm Castings


100% Natural Worm Castings

Nature’s Superior Plant Nutrient and Growth Stimulant

Organagro is natures alternative to chemical fertilisers. Independent tests have achieved 145% increase in plant growth.

Using just 20% ORGANAGRO in a potting medium with no other fertiliser added promote strong healthy plants that tend to be more disease resistant. The beneficial micro-organisms that are present in Organagro will continue to colonise the surrounding soil releasing previously unavailable minerals.

Organagro10 litre bag
$12.50 Gst Inc

30 litre bag
$35.00 Gst Inc

Organagro Gold Worm Castings are produced from organic waste that has been fed to composting worms.

For impressive results with :-
• Annuals & vegetables Organagro under each seedling & around plants.
• Potted plants Organagro in the potting mix & around plants.
• Small trees & plants Organagro sprinkled out to the drip line.

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Compaison with Organagro

Trial control garden mix (left) 20% Organagro castings & garden mix (right)


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