Worms In Schools

Waste Minimisation Education

Worms R Us / Waste Minimisation Education is a programme which started with support from Franklin District Council in March 2000. This programme has extended into the Papakura and Manukau District Council schools.
This programme is flexible to suit early childhood centres, primary, intermediate, through to high schools also adult workshops. The Waste Minimisation Education programme is about waste reduction and promoting waste awareness, working towards productive ways of problem solving. Topics covered are Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, the problems associated with resources that are lost once land filled or incinerated.
Packaging issues are discussed and ideas on recyclable packaging options are encouraged. We look at bulk buying, bio-degradable packaging, and products that have excessive and minimal packaging are encouraged. Waste audits are undertaken and these findings are collated, recorded and documented.
It is a team effort to collect the worm castings, to design labels reflecting the childrens perspective and to promote the sale of the castings for a fundraiser. Students and teachers are shown how easy and fun composting and worm farming of organic wastes can be. Further information on this programme click here.

Waste Minimisation facilitator in
a class room.
Different separation bins.
Children emptying scrap buckets
into a Worm bin.

Each school receives a minimum of 5 visits from the waste reduction facilitators, to ensure the programmes full support and extend discussions of Reduce Reuse and Recycle.
We have found over 40% of the waste in schools and homes is organic. This requires systems to be inplace for separation. The worm farm provides the schools an end product called worm castings. Schools can use this in their gardens or use it as a fundraiser.

Children building their
school worm farm.
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of worm farm.