Food Waste Recycling made easy for Caring Kiwi's


The Worm A Round is an ideal sized system for medium to larger sized families. The simple instruction manual included explains easy operation of the system with some common questions and answers.


Ideally sheltered from summer sun and excessive rain is recommended


Food needs to remain loose. Corrugated cardboard strips mixed with the food can prevent compaction. A rinsed piece of carpet / news paper / cardboard is useful for placing over the food waste (this helps hold moisture and keeps it dark for the worms to work beneth). Garden lime  deters flies and reduces odours. The process  500gms or 1kg worms / and supplied bedding brick set up in level one.Once the compost bedding (supplied) and worms are settled in the first working tray, the organic waste input depends on the number of worms started with, eg 500gms worms will require approximatly 400gms / 1kg will require approx 800gms of mixed food scraps per day (Rotate the feeding sites). Composting worms in a suitable environment can double their population in approximately 8 to 10 weeks. 
With this multiplying population, waste inputs need to be increased accordingly.
When the 1st working tray is full, the final tray is then used. 
Once this top level is full, lift and put the top level to one side. 
( these will contain most of the worms and undigested waste). 
Remove the 1st working tray which will contain the useful worm castings.  Tip the worm castings from the tray. (These castings make a great plant fertiliser when mixed 1 to 3-5 parts soil mixture or water). 
Replace the other working tray and the emptied tray is replaced on top.
This rotating process will encourage the worms to continue moving towards the higher levels leaving the castings behind. Liquid drained from the tap which can further diluted 1 to 2-5 parts water and used as a great plant fertiliser.


500gms  (2000 approx) composting worms, 6 to 9 months to reach optimum population which can devour approx 1kg or 2 litres per day of mixed food waste.
1kg  (4000 approx) composting worms, 3 to 6 months to reach optimum population which can devour approx 1kg or 2 litres per day of mixed food waste.

Do your bit for the environment, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – it’s odour free and easy.

Price -  $200 inc G.S.T.
Worms + p&p extra

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