Waste Away Digester 1m by 1.5m (Green)
Waste Away Digester 1m by 1.5m (Green)

Waste Away Digester 1m by 1.5m (Green)

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This worm system can take up to 10 to 15 litres a day of food and organic scraps.

It is ideal for schools and offices.

Please select with or without windows in the order, and whether the optional sprinkler is required.

Dimensions; H  1280mm  x  W  1180mm  x  L  1590mm

Required (sold separately):

  • 6kg of worms
  • 2x large coconut fibre blocks.

Delivery charges will be communicated upon order.

The Waste Away Digester’s flow-through design allows most kitchen food scraps and biodegradable packaging including cardboard, paper hand towels and serviettes.

An ideal feed-stock recipe would consist of most vegetable and fruit waste including regulated volumes of coffee grinds, egg shells, tea bags and post-consumer food waste.  Cardboard and paper serviettes are important for the addition of carbon and to help aerate  the food, ensuring an optimum environment for bacteria and worms.

Important Notice:

Any order for Waiheke Island or Great barrier,

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