About Us


In-situ worm composting farms are an effective way of dealing with surplus food at the point of waste.  This avoids additional resources to collect, process and dispose of the food.

Our WormsRus business supports this form of waste minimisation by selling worms and worm farms through retail channels and direct to community organisations such as schools, educators, and Councils.

We have a team of resident experts to help guide and educate you to keep your worms happy and well-fed, and this website has a number of resources to support your worm farm.

Our innovative range of worm farms are tailor made to deal with both in-home food waste as well as larger scale food waste in schools and offices, and are designed in-house.

Complementary to the above activities are our Bokashi products (no worms needed!), which ferments food waste. We make these products in-house.

We are also experts in setting up and operating worm farms, with two on-farm production sites used for breeding worms and producing a high grade soil conditioner.